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I attended a presentation yesterday by Ari Klinger of OMG on online marketing. Although this was pitched as an introductory session rather than an advanced session, I was keen to attend as I have high regard for Ari and what he has achieved and figured I might pick up some tips and tricks. (By the way, OMG own 30,000 domain names in Australia and are steadily building content and directories against these domains.)

Here are some of the takeaways from this session:

  • Marketing through social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) is the new “word of mouth”. But, social marketing is high risk—high reward as it takes time and effort but can lead to nothing. Alternatively if it works, it can lead to something really big and self sustaining.
  • Online marketing done well should consist of the following elements:
    • paid search
    • search optimisation (organic search)
    • online directories
    • social media
    • database marketing
  • Why online marketing is better than offline:
    • targeted
    • test lots of things
    • measurable
    • fast
    • value for money
  • Some DO’s:
    • target people looking for your product
    • build a database of prospects
    • become an expert in your field
    • stimulate repeat customers
    • track, measure and test
  • Some tools to help you get started:
  • Your website’s most important attributes:
    • relevancy
    • trust
    • call to action
    • important things ‘above the fold’
  • Practical things to achieve this:
    • third party endorsement
    • contact us box
    • testimonials
    • FAQ’s
    • unique and valuable content
  • Paid versus organic:
    • paid can get you visitors quickly without much fixed cost
    • organic search takes time and effort (website content, links, etc) with more fixed costs but if you rank highly then low marginal cost, highly engaged traffic. But it requires continual maintenance and attention to stay on top.

Finally, it is worth noting that Ari invited people to this session via social media only. He expected around 10 people to respond but got about 3x this number saying they would like to attend. So, Ari changed the venue to a larger room and increased the catering. But, fewer than 10 people actually attended.

Makes you realise that marketing through social media is not really as social as you think – in that it is not “socially” acceptable to say you’re coming to something and then not turn up. Clicking the “yes I would like to attend” button in Facebook is just a free option, and you should only expect 1/3 of people to actually follow through.

Of course there’s also the fact that people generally value what they pay for. Perhaps Ari should have charged $50 for this session. He might have only received 10 responses, but I am pretty sure 10 people would have turned up. He’d have stuck with his original venue, not over-catered, and earned $500. (Hopefully Ari won’t read this blog and charge me for his next advanced session.)

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