Sumwise at Google I/O

What is Sumwise?

Sumwise is web application that enables spreadsheet modelers to build and deploy spreadsheet-like applications that are safe and easy for end users—

  • Easy for safe for end users to use, with little or no documentation or training.
  • Much more comprehendable that traditional spreadsheets e.g. cells are referenced using native language.
  • Models can be safely extended e.g. when new rows/cols are added, new cells get the correct logic and formatting.


Sumwise was built using Google Web Toolkit and is hosted in Google App Engine. Sumwise is a pure web application and runs completely within the browser. (Currently, Sumwise supports Chrome, Firefox and Safari.) Our lex, parse and translation is handled by ANTLR, which we have integrated into GWT. Our UI consists completely of our own custom widgets using a combination of GWT, HTML, and UI Binder. For our mathematical calculations we have used various Java math libraries.

Why does the world need this?

There are over a hundred million people who use spreadsheets regularly, yet most of these people are not experts. Although spreadsheets are seemingly easy to use, they quickly become complex and are prone to error. The idea behind Sumwise is that if end users could access well designed, easy to use, extensible spreadsheets, they would be able to save time and effort, and get the benefits of expert knowledge and skill. Spreadsheet templates built using Excel, Google Docs, etc., are not the solution. Spreadsheet templates are not safe  for end users; they cannot be easily extended; and they are generally of low quality. In contrast, Sumwise spreadsheets function more like applications than spreadsheets.

If you’d like to learn more about Sumwise please send us an email.


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