Cash Flow Forecasting

A simple monthly cash flow forecast with rollups for quarters, halves and the year.

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About This Model

Forecasting of cash flows is crucial for any business. This model presents a very simple and intuitive cash flow forecast by month, with rollups for quarters, halves, and the year.

Simply enter your opening cash balance into the yellow shaded cell in the “Jan” column, and then enter your cash receipts (inflows) and payments (outflows) into the yellow shaded cells in the month columns. The model does the rest!

Collapse and expand the rows and columns to display only the parts you are interested in. You can also add new rows to the Receipts and Payments sections. To do this, simply select the row above which you’d like to add a new row, and click the insert new row icon.

You can also rename your rows to something more meaningful to you; simply click on the row and type the name you want.

Formulas in This Model

One of the really nice things about this model—and Sumwise in general—is the fact that it was built with only 6 formulas, rather than the usual 30+ that you’d get with a traditional spreadsheet like Excel or Google Docs.

Here’s a list of the exact formulas used to build this model:

  • Opening Bank Bal. row (for months) = R[Closing Bank Balance]C[@Month-1]
  • Net Cash Flow row = [Cash Receipts.Subtotal]-[Cash Payments.Subtotal]
  • Subtotal rows = SUM(R[Siblings])
  • Year, Half and Quarter columns (for Cash Flow rows) = SUM(C[Children])
  • Opening Bank Balance row (for columns other than months) = C[Children.First]
  • Closing Bank Balance row = [Opening Bank Balance]+[Net Cash Flow]

This was made possible by Sumwise’s innovative Cell Groups feature.

About Sumwise

Sumwise is a new type of online spreadsheet designed specifically for financial modeling. Current spreadsheet technologies (like Excel and Google Docs) are powerful and flexible, but they are also unstructured and error prone. And spreadsheets, once built, are not easy to modify or extend.

Sumwise addresses all of these problems with clever features like: user defined row and column names; rows and columns that can be tagged with meaningful keywords; and cell groups that share a common formula and formatting across a range a related cells.

Sumwise was invented and developed by a small dedicated team of software developers and spreadsheet experts in Sydney, Australia. If you’re interested in learning more please visit our website or send us an email.

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Cash Flow Forecasting

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Cash flow forecasting.


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